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Call Us now (512) 351-2433

Get To Know Me

About Me

Every baker has passion and love for what they do,

I'm no different in that area but the commitment and desire to make every one of my clients get exactly what they want is very important from start to finish.

Making a magical experience for each of my customers is always my goal. This has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. Making dreams come true!

My Story


When It All Started

My love for baking started when I was a little girl growing up in Chicago. I remember going into Roeser's Bakery for the first time to order my birthday cake. It was a magical moment for me as a kid and that is when I knew that this would be something that I would love to do.


My Education

At the age of 10, my family moved to Austin Texas, where after High School I decided to follow my love for baking and attended the Austin Community College Pastry Program.


A Great Opportunity

I got the great opportunity to work for one of the oldest bakeries in Austin, Sweetish Hill! I was hired as a cake decorator, and after 2 years of employment, I was promoted to head cake designer.


Started In 2018.

But after 4 years of working at Sweetish Hill, they decided to close their doors leading me to the opportunity to continue my love and passion for baking. I am elated to provide these services on my own now!